Are you interested in a human-oriented work where you can help others? Study to become a care assistant and graduate in a year!

Are you an immigrant, contemplating a change of career or looking for a job where you can help others and experience meaningful encounters? Career as a care assistant would suit you!

As a care assistant, you work in the social and health care sector in a supporting role, for example, in nursing homes for the elderly. Your job description, in a nutshell, is to support customers in everyday life and help them take care of their basic needs.

And above all, you get the opportunity to be human to a human. The key person who is present, who cares, who listens and who offers help. 

Benefits of the care assistant training 

  • Human-oriented and meaningful work
  • Excellent employment opportunities
  • Short and free training
  • Year-round application
  • Great opportunities for further studies
  • Flexible studies while working, for example, through an apprenticeship

Flexible studies in three different institutions

You can study to become a care assistant in Livia, Novida and Salo Region vocational colleges. The training lasts about one year, after which you can continue studying to become a practical nurse or complete a Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services, for example. There are plenty of options!

Get to know the training programmes of the institutions

Livia Vocational College

Study to become a care assistant in Kaarina

Novida – Vocational and General Upper Secondary Education and Training

Study to become a care assistant in Lieto, Loimaa or Uusikaupunki.

Salo Region Vocational College

Study to become a care assistant in Salo

  • Presence, care and support
  • One-year training
  • Year-round application

Frequently asked questions

Don’t let your doubts stop you from applying for the care assistant training. In this section, we bust to most common myths! 

You can apply and get in regardless of your educational background, age or current profession. A personal study path is created for each student, which you can influence, and professional teachers and instructors are there to help you. You can also complete the training through an apprenticeship while working.

Care assistants never work alone or participate in drug treatment. Usually, they work together with a practical nurse. If you have good people skills, take responsibility and show initiative, you will do well.

We provide language support for you to complete the training. A passable knowledge of Finnish is enough to complete it, and the studies offer a wonderful opportunity to develop your language proficiency.

The work is above all customer work, where you are actively interacting with people on a daily basis. Your task is to help customers enjoy their everyday life and make them feel better.